(Luxi; 98.583E 24.445N) Prior to the outbreak of the Pacific War, the American government supplied significant aid to China, both open and covert, in its struggle with Japan. One covert form of aid was the establishment of a group of American airmen, the American Volunteer Corps, to assist the Chinese air force. The pilots were volunteers recruited from the American military and supplied with civilian cover. The scheme was just getting off the ground when the Pacific War broke out, rendering the cover story moot.

Loiwing was an important base established for the AVC in the mountains of southwest China. The airfield was quite modern, with two all-weather runways, and the surroundings resembled nothing so much as a conventional American small town. In addition to the field, an attempt was made to establish an aircraft factory in the town. This was not yet up and running when war broke out, and it would never produce any aircraft; but it would prove a valuable facility for aircraft maintenance.

The town was abandoned to the Japanese on 4 May 1942. It was not retaken until 6 January 1945, by 38 Division.

Road connections




Romanus and Sunderland (1952, 1958; accessed 2011-11-5)

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