LO "Thelma", Japanese Transport Aircraft

Photograph montage of LO Thelma

U.S. Navy. Via

Tachikawa LO "Thelma"


Crew 3
Dimensions 49'2" by 65'6" by 11'5"
15.0m by 20.0m by 3.5m
Wing area 552 square feet
51.3 square meters
Weight 10,906-15,653 lbs
4946-7100 kg
Maximum speed       260 mph at 11,710 feet
419 km/h at 3570 meters
Cruise speed 224 mph
361 km/h
Climb rate 33.6 feet per second
10.2 meters per second
Service ceiling 29,950 feet
9130 meters
Power plant 2 900 hp (671 kW) Type 99 Mitsubishi Ha-26-I fourteen-cylinder radial engines driving three bladed propellers
Armament 1 0.30 flexible dorsal machine gun
Passengers 12
Range 1190 nautical miles
2200 km
Production A total of 119 airframes:
Tachikawa Hikoki K.K.: 64 aircraft (1940-42)
Kawasaki Kokuki Kogyo K.K.: 55 aircraft (1940-41)

Thelma was a Japanese derivative of the Lockheed Model 14-38 passenger transport, built under license (until war broke out) but modified to use Mitsubishi engines. This was the same airframe that formed the basis for the A-28 Hudson.

The basic airframe was modified for experimental development of cabin pressurization in 1943 as the SS-1.


Francillon (1979)

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