Lashio (97.754E 22.985N) was the southern railhead for the Burma Road and the loading point for the rich Bawdwin mines. These produced lead, nickel, and zinc. The capture of Lashio on 28 April 1942 by 148 Regiment, following a firefight lasting five hours, closed the last land route to China from the Western Allies, though this was moot since Rangoon had already been taken. The Japanese also captured some 40,000 tons of stores.

The town was not recaptured from 56 Division by the Chinese 38 Division until 8 March 1945, far too late to materially affect the outcome of the Pacific War.

Rail connections



Road connections


Climate Information:

Elevation 2802'

Temperatures: Jan 74/46, Apr 89/62, Jul 83/70, Oct 82/64, record 99/35

Rainfall: Jan 1/0.3, Apr 5/2.2, Jul 27/12.0, Oct 10/5.7 == 61.9" per annum


Allen (1984)

Chen (1947; accessed 2014-5-1)

Pearce and Smith (1990)

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