Lanchow (Lanzhou; 103.767E 36.052N) is the traditional eastern terminus of the Silk Road and the key to Chinese control of Central Asia and northern Tibet. It is located on the Yellow River near the western end of the Great Wall, and at the eastern end of the Kansu corridor. Fruit and livestock are raised in the area and there was an airfield here in 1941. It was likely the headquarters of 8 War Area.

Beginning on 11 November 1937, considerable Russian aid to the Chinese came through Lanchow, making it an important strategic bombing target for the Japanese. There was a particularly heavy raid on 20 February 1939 that was contested by volunteer Russian pilots. However, by the time war broke out in the Pacific, the flow of Russian supplies had dried up due to the German invasion of western Russia.

Road connections



Peattie (2001)

Peattie et al. (2011)

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