Photograph of refugees being evacuated from Kweilin, summer 1944

U.S. Army. Via

Kweilin (Guilin; 110.281E 25.283N) was the site of one of the best airfields in China, with a 6000' crushed rock runway. It was lost to the Japanese on 11 November 1944, during the Ichi-go offensive, but recaptured during the ICEMAN counteroffensive on 27 July 1945.

Aerial photograph of infantry training center, Kweilin

U.S. Army. Via

On 1 September 1943, the Chinese General Staff startled Stilwell with a proposal to train a force of 45 divisions then spread across southeast China to American standards. This "C-force", later renamed "Zebra force", would be used to protect Chennault's airfields, to drive the Japanese from the Yangtze Valley, and then cooperate with American forces in the Pacific to recapture the Canton area. Implementation went as far as establishing an infantry training center at Kweilin, but nothing much came of the plan. Equipping the force would divert airlift tonnage from Chennault's airmen, and delays in reopening the Burma Road rendered the project moot.

Rail connections



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