Kuomintang 4 War Area

The 4th War Area took in Kwantung and Kwangsi, basically because this is where Chang Fa-kuei could get as far as possible from the Japanese. Nanning is a guess for the headquarters.

Kuomintang order of battle, 7 December 1941:

4 War Area (Chang Fa-kuei; at Nanning?)
    9 Army Group (Kuan Lin-cheng)

65 Army

12 Army Group (Yu Han-mou)

62 Army (Chang Ta)

63 Army (Chang Jui-kuei)

83 Army

16 Army Group (Hsia Wei)

31 Army

131 Division

135 Division

46 Army ( Chou Tsu-huang)

19 Division

170 Division

175 Division

35 Army Group (Teng Lung-kuang)

64 Army (Chen Kung-hsia?)

155 Division

156 Division

37 Army Group

66 Army

28 Division (Liu Po-lung)     

29 Division (Ma Wei-chi)

New 38 Division (Sun Li-jen)     
A German-trained triangular division

38 Army Group

5 Army (Tu Yu-ming)

New 22 Division (Liao Yao-tsiang)      Wa
A German-trained triangular division

96 Division (Yu Shao)

200 Division (Tai An-lan) A triangular division, and the only motorized division in the entire Chinese army in 1940.

36 Army

96 Division

54 Army (Huang Wei)

14 Division

50 Division


Dorn (1974) (accessed 2008-2-1)

Sih (1977)

Wilson (1982)

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