KS Class, Japanese Submarines

Photograph of KS class submarine Fair use may apply.


Tonnage 525 tons standar
601 tons surfaced
782 tons submerged
Dimensions 194'4" by 19'8" by 11'6"
59.23m by 5.99m by 3.51m
Maximum speed       14.2 knots surfaced
8 knots submerged
Dive To 245 feet (75 m)
Complement 38
Armament 4 21" torpedo tubes (8 torpedoes)
1 3"/40 AA gun
2-shaft diesel (1100 shp) or electric (760 shp)
Range 3500 nautical miles (6500 km) at 12 knots surfaced
60 miles (110 km) at 3 knots submerged

The Kaigun sho (Kaisho) or KSs were short-ranged (RO) submarines just coming to completion when war broke out. They had partially double hulls of riveted medium steel. They were intended for defense of small island bases.

A patrol line of these boats was rolled up in 1944 in a single brilliant operation by destroyer escort England. What could not be disclosed until decades later was that England was guided to their location by Ultra intelligence.

Units in the Pacific:


Completed 1942-9-23 (Kure)      

Sunk by aircraft or mine 1943-11-25 off Omai


Completed 1942-10-31 (Kawasaki-Kobe)      

Sunk 1943-9-15 off San Cristobal Island by Saufley
Ro-102 Completed 1942-11-17 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1943-5-14 off Vitiaz Strait (147.5E 6.9S) by PT-150 and PT-152
Ro-103 Completed 1942-10-21 (Kure)       Missing from 1943-7-28 off Vanganu
Ro-104 Completed 1943-2-25 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1944-5-23 off Kavieng by England
Ro-105 Completed 1943-3-5 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1944-5-31 off Kavieng by England
Ro-106 Completed 1942-12-26 (Kure)       Sunk 1944-5-22 off Kavieng by England
Ro-107 Completed 1942-12-26 (Kure)       Sunk 1943-7-12 off Kolombangara by Taylor
Ro-108 Completed 1943-4-20 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1944-5-26 off Manus by England
Ro-109 Completed 1943-4-30 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1945-5-29 off Okinawa by aircraft from Tulagi
Ro-110 Completed 1943-7-10 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1944-2-11 near 83.3E 17.5N by JumnaIpswich, and Launceston
Ro-111 Completed 1943-7-20 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1944-6-10 off Kavieng by Taylor
Ro-112 Completed 1943-9-12 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Torpedoed 1945-2-11 off Camiguin by Batfish
Ro-113 Completed 1943-10-15 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Torpedoed 1945-2-11 off Babuyah by Batfish
Ro-114 Completed 1943-11-25 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1944-6-17 off Tinian by Melvin and Wadleigh
Ro-115 Completed 1943-11-25 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1945-2-31 off Manila by Jenkins, O'Bannon, Bell, and Ulvert M. Moore
Ro-116 Completed 1944-1-31 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk 1944-5-24 off Kavieng by England
Ro-117 Completed 1944-1-31 (Kawasaki-Kobe)       Sunk by aircraft 1944-6-17 off Saipan


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