Kiyozumi Maru, Japanese Auxiliary Cruiser


Tonnage 8613 gross register tons
Dimensions 453'9" by 61' by 31'
138.3m by 18.6m by 9.44m
Maximum speed       18 knots
1 seaplane
Armament 4 5.5"/50 guns
2 13mm/76 AA guns
2 21" torpedo tubes
1-shaft Mitsuibishi-Sulzer diesel (7600 shp)
1430 tons fuel oil

The Kiyozumi Maru (Kiyosumi Mara according to some historians) was a merchant ship of the Kokusai line converted to a commerce raiding role just after war broke out, commissioning on 18 December 1941 at Osaka. She was rerated as a transport in 1943 and was sunk by aircraft on 17 February 1944 at Truk after having been badly damaged by submarine torpedoes. Her wreck is today a destination for scuba divers.

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