Kieta (155.545E 6.183S) was a copra port on the eastern coast of Bougainville. It had almost no facilities, not even a proper dock, so the copra was loaded by lighter.

The Japanese occupied Kieta in July 1942 but did not begin construction of an airfield until 1943. This was never completed, and the garrison was isolated by guerrillas and left to wither on the vine after the Allied invasion of Empress Augusta Bay.

Climate Information:

Elevation 240'

Temperatures: Jan 88/76, Apr 87/76, Jul 85/74, Oct 88/75, record 96/74

Rainfall: Jan 15/10.5, Apr 14/11.7, Jul 13/10.9, Oct 14/9.8 == 119.5" per annum


Pearce and Smith (1990)

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