Kibitsu Maru Class, Japanese Landing Craft Depot Ships


Tonnage 8000 tons standard displacement
500'3" by 64'3" by 23'0"
152.48m by 19.58m by 7.01m
Maximum speed       19 knots
8 75mm AA guns
Up to 60 25mm/60 AA guns
2 mortars
13 Daihatsu landing craft
12 Toku landing boats
1-shaft turbine (3500 shp)
3 boilers
Range 13,000 nautical miles (21,000 km) at 13.5 knots

The Kibitsu Marus were Standard Type 1A merchant ships converted to landing craft depot ships on the ways. Somewhat resembling the Allied LSDs, these ships launched their landing craft through stern doors. A peculiarity of their design was that their two funnels were side-by-side rather than inline. Tonnage varied among the ships of the class by about 200 tons.

A fourth unit, Tokitsu Maru, was under construction at the time of the surrender, and was completed as a merchant ship in 1946.

Units in the Pacific:

Kibitsu Maru     
Completed 1943-12-29 (Hitachi-Inoshima)     
Mined and run aground 1945-8-7 near Kobe
Hyuga Maru     
Completed 1945-1-15 (Hitachi-Inoshima)      Mined and run aground 1945-5-30 near Hakata
Settsu Maru     
Completed 1945-1-15 (Hitachi-Inoshima)     


Jentschura, Jung, and Mickel (1977)

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