Digital relief map of Kiangsi province, China

Kiangsi (Jiangxi) is a province of eastern China, located south of the Yantgze River.  Surrounded by mountains, it is mostly low plains in the north and more rugged terrain in the south. The Gan River runs from south to north through the province, emptying into Lake Poyang, which in turn drains into the Yangtze. The major cities in 1941 were Nanchang, the provincial capital and a major population center, and Kiukiang on the Yangtze itself.

The northern part of the province was overrun by the Japanese in July 1938, while Nanchang held out until February 1939. These areas remained in Japanese control for the remainder of the war. However, a campaign to clear the remainder of north Kiangsi of Kuomintang forces  of the 9 War Zone (Lo Cho-ying), beginning on 15 March 1941, ended in failure in mid-April.


Hsu and Chang (1971)

Peattie et al. (2011)

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