Ki-59 "Theresa", Japanese Transport Aircraft

Photograph of Ki-59 Theresa Fair use may apply.

Kokusai Ki-59


Crew 2 or 3
Passengers 8
Dimensions 55'10" by 41'0" by 10'0"
17m by 12.5m by 3.05m
Weight 6349-9348 lbs
Cruising speed       186 mph at 6560 feet
299 km/h at 2000 meters
Wing area 413 square feet
38.4 square meters
Power plant Two 510 hp (380 kW) Type 98 (Hitachi Ha-13a) 9-cylinder radial engines driving three-blade propellers.
Production 59 by Nippon Kokusai Koku Kogyo K.K. (Hiratska)

The Kokusai Ki-59 light transport aircraft was an improved version of an unsuccessful civilian design, the Teradakoken TK-3. The Japanese Army substituted more powerful engines than those in the original design, and modified the shape of the nose, undercarriage fairings, and vertical tail surfaces. The aircraft that resulted was acceptable in performance. However, it was soon superseded by a transport version of the Hickory, since the passenger capacity of "Theresa" was inadequate for paratroop drops.

The design was revived in December 1941 as the basis for the Ku-8 "Gander" glider.


Francillon (1979)

Rottman and Takizawa (2005)

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