Ki-56 "Thalia", Japanese Transport Aircraft

Photograph of Ki-56 "Thalia" transport aircraft

Wikimedia Commons

Kawasaki Ki-56 "Thalia"


Crew 4
Dimensions 65'6" by 48'11" by 11'10"
19.8m by 14.9m by 3.6m
Wing area 551 square feet
51.2 square meters
Weight 10,791-17,692 lbs
4895-8025 kg
Maximum speed       250 mph at 11,500 feet
400 km/h at 3500 meters
Climb rate 13 feet per second
4 meters per second
Service ceiling 26,000 feet
8000 meters
Power plant 2 Type 99 (Nakajima Ha-25) 14-cylinder air-cooled radial engines, rated at 990 hp for takeoff and 970 hp at 11,200 feet (970 meters) driving three-bladed propellers
Cargo 5300 lb
2400 kg
Production A total of 121 airframes:
2 prototypes (November 1940)
119 production aircraft (August 1941 - September 1943)

Thalia was a Japanese derivative of the Lockheed Model 14-WG3 transport modified to have better takeoff characteristics and larger cabin volume. It had improved Fowler flaps and was given a large cargo door and loading beam. This allowed the aircraft to transport two or three aircraft engines while actually reducing the weight by 115 lbs (52 kg). The aircraft was widely used in the Pacific War, seeing its first action during the invasion of Sumatra.


Francillon (1979)

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