Kenneth Whiting Class, U.S. Seaplane Tenders

Photograph of USS Cumberland Sound, a Kenneth Whiting class seaplane tender

Naval Historical Center #NH 55532

Schematic diagram of Kenneth Whiting class seaplane tender

ONI 222


8510 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 492' by 69'6" by 23'2"
150.0m by 21.2m by 7.1m
Maximum speed       16.5 knots
Complement 1077
Armament 2 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
2x2, 2x4 40mm Bofors AA guns
16 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1-shaft General Electric geared turbine (8500 shp)
2 Foster-Wheeler boilers
Bunkerage 1556 tons fuel oil
312,000 gallons (1,181,000 liters) aviation fuel

The Kenneth Whitings were completed in 1944. They were Maritime Commission C3-Cargo hulls converted to seaplane tenders. As such, they lacked the large superstructure hangars of previous purpose-build seaplane tenders, but these were of little use for servicing the large flying boats that had come to dominate the naval seaplane service.

Units in the Pacific:

Kenneth Whiting

Completed 1944-5-8 (Tacoma)


Completed 1944-6-26 (Tacoma)

St. George

Completed 1944-7-24 (Tacoma)

Cumberland Sound      

Completed 1944-8-21 (Tacoma)



ONI 222 (1945-9-1)

Worth (2001)

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