Kawanishi Kokuki K.K.

Kawanishi Kokuki K.K. (Kawanishi Aircraft Co Ltd) was founded by Kawanishi Seibei, a textile manufacturer, after a business dispute led him to dissolve his partnership with Nakajima in 1918. Kawanishi became a machine tool manufacturer before turning towards production of civilian aircraft. He founded Kawanishi Kokuki K.K. in 1928, hired a large number of former naval officers, and began design and manufacture of flying boats.

The company became Japan's sixth leading manufacturer of combat aircraft, specializing exclusively in airframes for the Navy.  Aircraft designed by Kawanishi included the N1K1 "George", H6K "Mavis", H8K "Emily", and the N1K "Rex". In addition, Kawanishi produced the Yokosuka P1Y "Frances" under license. Principle manufacturing facilities were at Naruo, Konan, and Himeji.

From 1941 to 1945, Kawanishi produced a total of 1994 airframes, of which 1629 were combat aircraft.


Francillon (1979)
Peattie (2001)

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