Katsuriki, Japanese Hydrographic Survey Ship

Photograph of survey ship Katsuriki Fair use may apply.


Tonnage 1540 tons standard
Dimensions 240'0" by 39'0" by 14'0"
73.15m by 11.89m by 4.27m
Maximum speed       13 knots
Armament 3 3"/40 guns
150 mines
2-shaft reciprocating (1800 ihp)
2 boilers
Bunkerage 449 tons coal
Range 1800 nautical miles (3300 km) at 10 knots

The Katsuriki was built as a minelayer but converted to a survey ship in 1936. She was at Kure when war broke out, and was torpedoed on 21 September 1944 off Manila by Haddo.

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