Kamoi, Japanese Seaplane Carrier

Photograph of Kamoi, Japanese seaplane carrier

Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 17,000 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 496' by 67' by 27'8"
151.2m by 20.4m by 8.4m
Maximum speed       15 knots
Aircraft 2 catapults
12 seaplanes
Armament 2 5.5"/50 guns
2 3"/40 AA guns
2-shaft turboelectric (9000 shp)
4 Kampon boilers
Bunkerage 2500 tons coal
Modifications Converted to a fleet oiler in 1943

The Kamoi was completed in 1922 in New York City. The Japanese converted her to a auxiliary seaplane carrier in 1933. She was redesignated a seaplane tender in 1940 and converted to a fleet oiler in 1943. Assigned to Chitose Air Group at Truk when war broke out, she was crippled by aircraft on 5 April 1945 at Hong Kong, finally sinking on 13 April 1945.


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