K9W “Cypress”, Japanese Trainer Aircraft

Photograph of Bü 131 Jungmann in Swiss colors

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Kyushu K9W Momiji ("Maple") "Cypress"

Specifications (Ki-86a):

Dimensions 24'1" by 21'9" by 8'8"
7.34m by 6.62m by 2.64m
Weight 902-1409 lbs
409-639 kg
Maximum speed     
112 mphl
180 km/h
Cruising speed       75 mph at 3280 feet
120 km/h at 1000 meters
Climb rate 8 feet per second
2.6 meters per second
Ceiling 12,730 feet
3880 meters
Power plant One 1100 hp Hitachi [Ha-47] 11 air-cooled 4-cylinder inline engine driving a two-bladed wooden propeller.
Range 373 miles
600 km

A total of 339 K9W1 and 1037 Ki-86:

  Kyushu Hikoki K.K.:

    278 K9W1 (1942-1944)

  Hitachi Kokuki K.K.:

    61 K9W1 (1943)

  Nippon Kokusai Koku Kogyo K.K.:

    1037 Ki-86 (1943-1945)

The K5W1 used a Hitachi GK4A Hatsukaze 11 engine.

The Kyushu K9W biplane trainer was a version of the German Bü 131 Jungmann built under license and using Japanese aircraft engines. The Army produced a slightly modified version designed the Ki-86. Both versions were excellent trainer aircraft, the Ki-86 replacing the Ki-17 "Cedar" trainer.


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