K5Y “Willow”, Japanese Trainer Aircraft

Photograph of K5Y "Willow" trainer aircraft Fair use may apply.

Yokosuka K5Y1 "Willow"


Dimensions 36'1" by 26'5" by 10'6"
11m by 8.05m by 3.2m
Weight 2205-3307 lbs
1000-1500 kg
Speed 132 mph at sea level
212 km/h at sea level
Cruising speed       86 mph at 3280 feet
138 km/h at 1000 meters
Climb rate 12 feet per second
3.7 meters per second
Ceiling 18,700 feet
5700 meters
Power plant One 340 hp (254 kW) Hitachi Amakaze 21 9-cylinder radial engine driving a two-bladed wooden propeller.
Armament 1 7.7mm Type 89 machine gun (cowling)
1 7.7mm Type 92 machine gun (rear cockpit).
External stores 2 66 lb (30 kg) bombs or 10 22 lb (10 kg) bombs.
Range 630 miles
1020 km
Production A total of 5,770 of all versions between 1933 and 1945. Most were built at various civilian plants rather than at the Yokosuka arsenal.

The K5Y1 was the land plane version.

The K5Y2 was a float plane version, with two floats.

The K5Y3 was also a float plane, but with a more powerful engine in a more streamlined cowling.

Other versions were planned but did not see production.

The Yokosuka K5Y Willow biplane was the most numerous Japanese trainer aircraft produced during the war. Both land-based and floatplane versions were built.

The design dated back to 1932 and the prototype flew in December 1933. The aircraft went into production at once, remaining in production until the end of the Pacific War. Just 60 aircraft were produced by 1936, but thereafter large numbers were ordered and the design was built under license by seven other manufacturers.


Francillon (1979)

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