Type 97, Japanese Torpedo

Photograph of Type 97 torpedoes in torpedo tubes of a wrecked midget submarine

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 91334


17.7" by 18'5"
45cm by 5.6m
2161 lbs
980 kg
Range 6000 yards 5500 m) at 45 knots
Warhead 772 lbs (350 kg) Type 97 explosive
Propulsion       Kerosene-oxygen two-cylinder double acting wet heater
About 100 from 1939

The Type 97 was a smaller version of the Long Lance for use in midget submarines. The photograph above shows the installation on Type A midget submarines, which had doorless tubes with the torpedo noses just protruding. Problems with the leaky first air bottles caused the Type 97 to be withdrawn from service immediately following the Pearl Harbor attack, to be replaced by the Type 98, which used oxygen-enriched air in place of pure oxygen and required no first air bottle.


Branfill-Cook (2014)

Campbell (1985)

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