Type 92, Japanese Torpedo


21" by 23'6"
53.3cm by 7.150m
3792 lbs
1720 kg
Range 7650 yards (7000m) at 29 knots
Warhead 661 lbs (330 kg) Type 97 explosive
130 yards at 7650 yards
120m at 7000m
Propulsion       Electric (95 ehp)
At least 650 from 1942

The Type 92 was an electric torpedo that was developed by 1934 but did not go into production until 1942. It supplemented the main Type 95 submarine torpedo, having an even smaller wake and being easier to produce. It was also more reliable, since the Type 95 first air bottles tended to leak and were difficult to check and refill in the close quarters of a submarine. This was likely a major motivation for reviving the design.

Propulsion was via a 95 ehp motor driven by two 54-cell lead-acid batteries


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