Japanese Ominato Guard District

The Imperial Navy established guard districts in the outer portions of the Japanese Empire. These were similar to the Sea Frontiers of the U.S. Navy. The Ominato Guard District had responsibility for the Kurile Islands and Karafuto.

Administrative order of battle, 7 December 1941:

Ominato Guard District (Okuma; at Ominato)      
  PB Ishigaki

PB Kunashiri

Ominato Air Group

  16 A5M Claude

8 B5M Mabel

8 E7K Alf

Destroyer Division 1

DD Kamikaze

DD Numakaze

DD Nokaze

DD Namikaze

Minesweeper Division 27

AMc Choyo Maru #2 (80 tons)

AMc Sonobe Maru (220 tons)

AMc Tamazono Maru #1 (313 tons)

AMc Tamazono Maru #2 (316 tons)

AMc Yoshino Maru (220 tons)

AMc Fuji Maru (703 tons)

AMc Fukeui Maru #7

Ominato Local Defense Squadron

DD Okikaze

PG Chitose Maru (246 tons)

PG Zuiko Maru (2577 tons)

PB Hachijo

PM Shinko Maru #2 (2577 tons)

AG Odomari An icebreaker


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Prados (1995) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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