Japanese 7.92mm Type 1 Machine Gun

Photograph of Type 1 machine gun

U.S. Navy. Via Francillon (1979)


Ammunition type     
7.92 x 57 AP, API, or HEI
Projectile weight
0.41 ounce (AP)
11.5 gram (AP)
Velocity 2590 feet per second
789 meters per second
Range 1970 feet
600 meters
Rate of fire     
1000 rounds per minute
Gun weight
15 lbs
6.8 kg
Gun power

The Type 1 machine gun was used in flexible mounts on Navy aircraft. It was a derivative of the German MG15, which in turn was a derivative of the Rheinmetall MG 30 used as a light machine gun in land warfare. It was nearly identical with the Army Type 98 gun, except for having a second hand grip. Later in the war, in an unusual display of cooperation, the Navy dropped the second hand grip and the Army and Navy guns became identical, both being manufactured by the same manufacturer (Nagoya Army Arsenal) as the Type 1.

The Type 1 used a short recoil rotating collar locked action and was fed from a 75-round saddle drum magazine (with rounds fed alternately from each side) that gave the gunner a clear view over the top of the weapon.


Francillon (1979)

Mikesh (2004)

Williams and Gustin (2003)

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