Japanese 7.7mm Type 89 Special Machine Gun


7.7 x 58 SR with AP, ball, HE, incendiary, or tracer rounds
Projectile weight      
0.37 ounce
10.5 grams
Velocity 2660 feet per second
810 meters per second
Rate of fire     
1400 rounds per minute
Gun weight
62 lbs
28 kg
Gun power

The Type 89 Special was an updated version of the original Type 89, which it had replaced by 1937. The original Type 89 was a development of the Year 11 Type light infantry machine gun, consisting essentially of two mirror image Year Type 11 actions set in a common cradle with a single trigger and fed by 90-round quadrant magazines. The Type 89 Special modified the magazine so that the empty cartridges were retained in a captive belt rather than being ejected from the aircraft. The Type 89 Single strongly resembled half a Type 89 Special and was often referred to as a Type 89 even in Japanese documents, which has caused considerable confusion.

The Type 89 Special was produced throughout the war. It was used in Army aircraft flexible gun stations wherever it could be accomodated within the available space and weight restrictions.Where space or weight were at a premium, the Type 89 Single was used instead.


Mikesh (2004)
Williams and Gustin (2003)

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