Japanese 6 Fleet

6 Fleet was the principal Japanese submarine force (though not all Japanese submarines were assigned to it.) The entire force was deployed against Hawaii at the start of the Pacific War, to pick off any survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack that tried to escape to the open sea.

As it turned out, not a single U.S. warship was sunk by this force, which lost one of its submarines to aircraft attack. Both sides would learn that warships were difficult targets and that submarine operations near well-defended bases were poor strategy.

Order of battle, 7 December 1941:

6 Fleet (Shimizu; at Kwajalein)
  CL Katori

AE Aratama Maru (6784 tons, 15 knots)

AO Ondo

AOR Toa Maru

AS Hie Maru (11,621 tons, 17 knots)

Submarine Squadron 1 (Sato)

SS I-9 (north of Oahu)

AS Yasukuni Maru (11,933 tons, 16.5 knots; 2 3"/40 AA guns)

Submarine Division 1

SS I-15 (north of Oahu)

SS I-16 (south of Oahu)

SS I-17 (north of Oahu)

Submarine Division 2

SS I-18 (south of Oahu)

SS I-19 (north of Oahu)

SS I-20 (south of Oahu)

Submarine Division 3

SS I-21 (north of Kauai)

SS I-22 (south of Oahu)

SS I-23 (south of Oahu)

Submarine Division 4

SS I-24 (south of Oahu)

SS I-25 (north of Oahu)

SS I-26 (between Hawaii and San Francisco)

Submarine Squadron 2 (Yamazake)

SS I-7 (northeast of Oahu)

SS I-10 (off Christmas Island)

AS Manjo Maru (10,000 tons)

Submarine Division 7 (between Kauai and Oahu)

SS I-1

SS I-2

SS I-3

Submarine Division 8 (between Oahu and Molokai)

SS I-4

SS I-5

SS I-6

Submarine Squadron 3 (Miwa)

SS I-8 (south of Oahu)

AS Taigei (10,000 tons)

Submarine Division 11

SS I-74 (off French Frigate Shoals)

SS I-75 (south of Kauai)

Submarine Division 12 (southwest of Oahu)

SS I-68

SS I-69

SS I-70

Submarine Division 20 (southeast of Oahu)

SS I-71

SS I-72

SS I-73


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