Japanese 30mm Type 5 Cannon


Ammunition type     
30 x 122 HE
Projectile Weight
12.2 ounce
345 g
Velocity 2460 feet per second
750 meters per second
Range 2950 feet
900 meters
Rate of fire     
450 rounds per minute
Gun weight
154 lbs
70 kg

The Type 5 came into production as the war ended, and a few experimental installations were made on large night fighters such as the P1Y2-S "Frances", but it likely never saw action. However, some 2000 were completed, and, had the war continued, it would likely have seen widespread use in any aircraft type that could accept it. It was a wholly Japanese design, praised by the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey as "original and efficient" (quoted by Mikesh 2004). It was belt-fed and its action was gas-unlocked blowback with Kjellman locking, and it used floating firing to reduce recoil forces.


Francillon (1979)

Mikesh (2004)

Williams and Gustin (2003)

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