Japanese 30mm Ho-155 Cannon


30 x 115 HE
Projectile weight     
8.3 ounce
235 g
Velocity 2350 feet per second
716 meters per second
Range 2950 feet
900 meters
Rate of fire     
450 rounds per minute
Gun weight
110 lbs
50 kg
Gun power

The Ho-155 cannon (sometimes mistakenly described as the Ho-105 or Ho-151) was used in very limited quantities on the Ki-84 "Frank" and Ki-102 "Randy."  It was based on the Browning short-recoil action fed from a disintegrating belt but had significant quality problems. The Ho-155 II was a lightweight version for more confined spaces, such as wings. Both had somewhat low muzzle velocity to keep the weight reasonable.

Only the Ho-155 II is thought to have seen any combat during the war. Had the war continued longer, the Ho-155 would likely have seen widespread use, though it would have been extremely difficult to synchronize as a nose gun.


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