Japanese 20mm Type 97 Cannon

Photograph of Type 97 cannon

U.S. Air Force. Via Mikesh (2004)


Ammunition Type     
20 x 125 AP tracer or HE incendiary
Projectile weight
4.5 ounce (127 g) HEI
5.7 ounce (162 g) APT
Velocity 2690 feet per second
820 meters per second
Range 2950 feet
900 meters
Rate of fire     
400 rounds per minute
Gun weight
99 lbs
45 kg
Gun power

The Type 97 cannon was known as the Ho-1 when used as a flexible weapon and the Ho-3 as a fixed weapon. It was developed from the Type 97 antitank rifle, which in turn was derived from the Hotchkiss, and it used a combined gas plus blowback action. The Ho-1 used a 15-round double drum magazine while the Ho-3 used a 50-round double drum magazine. The Ho-1 was always mounted in a complex mechanical turret with its own recoil absorber, so the recoil absorber of the original Type 97 antitank rifle was retained only in the Ho-3.


Francillon (1979)

Mikesh (2004)

Williams and Gustin (2003)

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