Jacob van Heemskerck, Dutch Antiaircraft Cruiser

Photograph of antiaircraft cruiser Jacob van Heemskerck

© Koninklijke Marine. Via Wikipedia


Tonnage 3450 tons standard
Dimensions 433' by 40'9" by 14'2"
131.97m by 12.43m by 4.64m
Maximum speed       32.5 knots
Complement 309
Armament 5x2 4"/45 dual-purpose guns
1x4 2pdr AA guns
6x1 20mm Hispano-Suiza AA guns
Two depth charge throwers
Protection 450 tons:
0.63" (16mm) belt
1" (25mm) deck (forward magazines and machinery)
0.63" (15mm) deck (aft magazines)
1.2" (30mm) bulkheads
0.5" (12mm) conning tower
1" (25mm) gun shields
1" (25mm) barbettes
1.18" (30mm) torpedo holding bulkhead
2-shaft Parsons geared turbine (56,000 shp)
4 Yarrow boilers
Bunkerage 860 tons fuel oil
Range 6000 nautical miles (11,000 km) at 12 knots

1944/45: 1x4 2pdr replaced with 4x2 40mm Hazemeyer AA guns. 6x1 20mm Hispano guns replaced by 4x2 20mm Oerlikon AA guns.

Jacob van Heemskerck was laid down as a Tromp-class light cruiser but was still incomplete when war broke out in Europe. She was completed in Britain as an antiaircraft cruiser, with a completely different main armament.

She did not arrive in the Far East in time for the defense of the Malay Barrier, and joined the British Far East Fleet instead in early 1942. She returned to Britain at the end of 1943.


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