Ikuta Torao (1890-1976)

The long record of atrocities by the Japanese Army in China and during the Pacific War should not blind Westerners to those cases where Japanese officers swam against the tide. Ikuta Torao was one such officer. As commander of a garrison unit in the Philippines, he refused to comply with verbal orders from 14 Army staff officers that all prisoners of war were to be executed, demanding that the orders be put in writing. The matter was dropped.

Ikuta later received written orders from Hayashi Yoshihide to execute the nationalist Filipino policitian, Manuel Roxas, for refusing to collaborate. Ikuta felt he could not refuse this time, but was easily persuaded to change his mind by his chief of staff, Jimbo Nobuhiko.

Ikuta commanded 7 Independent Brigade in Nanchang, November 1944.

Service record


Major general    
Commander, Manila Garrison Unit

Commander, 1 Independent Garrison Unit

Commander, 7 Independent Brigade


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