Idzumo Class, Japanese Heavy Cruisers

Postcard of Idzumo-class light cruiser


Tonnage 9180 tons standard displacement
400' by 68'7" by 24'3"
121.9m by 20.9m by 7.4m
Maximum speed     
16 knots
Armament 2x2 8"/45 guns
14x1 6"/40 guns
12x1 12pdr guns
8x1 47mm guns
4 45cm torpedo tubes
Protection 7" (178mm) belt
2.5" (67mm) deck
6" (152mm) bulkheads
6" (152mm) turret
6" (152mm) casemate
6" (152mm) barbette
14" (356mm) conning tower
2-shaft reciprocating (14,500 shp)
24 boilers
Bunkerage 324 tons fuel oil
1412 tons coal
Modifications By 1945 the ships had 9 to 14 25mm/60 guns and their speed was down to 12 knots

The Idzumos were obsolete armored cruisers, veterans of the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, and very heavily protected for 8" gun cruisers. They were serving as coastal defense ships with China Area Fleet at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, and may possibly have had their armament reduced to a few 6"guns by then.

Units in the Pacific:

Idzumo       Shanghai Used as training ship from 1943. Sunk by aircraft 28 July 1945 at Kure
Iwate Sanya Bay       Used as training ship from 1943. Sunk by aircraft 24 July 1945 at Harima

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