Ichioka Hisashi (1893-1963)

Ichioka was given command of Submarine Squadron 2 very early in the Pacific War. He later took command of Submarine Squadron 8. His submarines operated in the Indian Ocean and were accused of war crimes, such as the massacre of rescued crewmen from the tanker British Chivalry. Ichioka worked closely with the small German U-boat force at Penang.

Later in the war, Ichioka worked the other side of the equation on the staff of Maritime Escort Fleet before becoming the last schoolmaster of the Submarine School.

Ichioka was sentenced to life in prison for his command responsibility for war crimes committed by his submariners, but was paroled in 1958.

Service record

1893-5-26   Born
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 10th in a class of 117. Assigned to CL Soya
1915-8-27   BB Kirishima
1915-12-13 Ensign  
1917-4-1   CL Iwate
1917-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
1918-7-16   BB Mikasa
1918-12-1   Torpedo School Basic Course
1919-5-23   Gunnery School Basic Course
1919-12-1   Submarine Division 13
1920-4-27   Submarined Division 14
1920-4-29   Acting commander, Submarine Division 1
1920-12-1 Lieutenant Naval College Navigation Course
1921-12-1   AS Komahashi
1922-5-1   CL Iwate
1923-3-1   SS-51
1923-6-11   SS-34
1923-11-1   Acting commander, SS-34
1923-12-1   Staff, Submarine Squadron 1
1924-11-10   Staff, Combined Fleet
1925-6-1   1 Naval District
1925-11-1   CL Kitakami
1926-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
Naval College A-Course
1928-12-10   Instructor, CL Kasuga
1929-11-30   Staff, Bureay of Education, Navy Ministry
1931-12-1 Commander  
1932-12-15   Trip to Europe and the United States
1933-11-1   Aide-de-campe, Prince Nobuhito
1935-11-15 Captain Commander, Submarine Division 24
1936-11-16   Adjutant, Navy General Staff
1938-11-15   Commander, CL Yura
1939-11-1   CL Katori
1940-4-20   Commander, CL Katori
1940-10-15   Staff, Combined Fleet
1940-11-15   Chief of staff, 6 Fleet
1941-1-6   1 Naval District
1941-3-25   Chief Instructor, Naval Academy
1941-10-15 Rear admiral
1942-2-5   Commander, Submarine Squadron 2
1942-9-15   Chief Instructor, Naval College
1943-8-9   Staff, 6 Fleet
1943-8-19   Commander, Submarine Squadron 8
1944-9-10   Staff, Maritime Escort Fleet
1944-9-17   Vice chief of staff, Maritime Escort Fleet
1945-5-1 VADM Schoolmaster, Submarine School
1963-2-14   Dies


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