Hunters Point

Photograph of Hunters Point during the war

U.S. Navy. Via

Hunters Point (122.37W 37.72N) is the extreme southeast area of the city of San Francisco and projects into San Francisco Bay. It was originally the site of a major commercial shipyard which had served the Navy during the First World War. The shipyard was permanently appropriated by the Navy in November 1940. Originally 48 acres (19.4 hectare) in extent, it eventually grew to 583 acres (236 hectares) with the acquisition of adjoining land.

The shipyard had two dry docks, one of which was over 1000' (300m) long. This made it one of the four largest dry docks on the West Coast (the other three being at Bremerton.)  Three additional submarine dry docks were constructed in 1943-1944.

Rail connections

San Francisco


Bureau of Yards and Docks (1947; accessed 2012-5-3)
Friedman (1985)

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