"Hunt" III Class, British Escort Destroyers

Photograph of Hunt Type III escort destroyer

Imperial War Museum. Via Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 1050 tons standard displacement
1412 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 280' by 31'6" 17'2"
85.34m by 9.60m by 5.23m
Maximum speed       27 knots
Complement 168
Armament 2x2 4"/45 DP gun (250 rounds per gun)
1x4 2pdr AA gun
6x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1x2 21" torpedo tubes
2 depth charge tracks (110 depth charges)
2 depth charge throwers
2-shaft Parsons geared turbine (19,000 shp)
2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers
Bunkerage 279 tons fuel oil
Type 127 sonar
Type 286 radar
Range 2560 nautical miles (4740 km) at 20 knots

The "Hunt" III class was a further modification of the "Hunt" IIs that landed a twin 4" turret in return for a pair of torpedo tubes.Two of these units arrived in the Far East in time to participate in occupation operations, and they would doubtless have participated in the invasion of Japan had that taken place.

Units in the Pacific:

Arrived 1945-7

Arrived 1945-7


Friedman (2006)

Gogin (2010; accessed 2012-12-25)

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