Hitachi Kokuki K.K.

Hitachi Kokuki K.K. (Hitachi Aircraft Co Ltd) was Japan's third leading manufacturer of aircraft engines. These were mostly low-power designs for small trainer aircraft and included the Amakaze (Tempu), Ha-11, Ha-12, Ha-13, Ha-26, and Ha-42. Hitachi also produced the Nakajima Sakae under license. Most were produced at the engine casting plant at Kawasaki.

Hitachi also produced trainer aircraft. The K2Y2, K5Y1, K9W1, and A6M2-K were produced at the Omori, Tachikawa, Haneda, and Chiba plants. The Kawasaki and Chiba plants were modern facilities completed in 1939.

From 1941 to 1945, Hitachi produced a total of 1783 airframes and 13,571 aircraft engines.


Francillon (1979)

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