Hickam Field

Photograph of Hickam Field barracks

U.S. Air Force. Via

(157.939W  21.328N) Hickam was an important Army Air Forces airfield located just southeast of Pearl Harbor. With an area of 2200 acres (1640 hectares), its runways could launch six bombers at once and it had hardened concrete hangars. Reinforced concrete barracks could house 3200 men. The field had its own dock at Bishop Point with a pipeline for offloading gasoline tankers. However, on the morning of 7 December 1941, its aircraft were parked in the center of the runways out of fear of sabotage, and they took heavy losses from Japanese dive bombers.

The airfield was headquarters of the Hawaiian Air Force and based 58 Light Bomber Squadron with 13 A-20, of which 3 were destroyed, and 18 Bombardment Wing with 12 B-17 and 33 B-18, of which 4 B-17 and 12 B-18 were destroyed.

Rail connections

Pearl Harbor


Arakaki and Kuborn (1991; accessed 2012-8-4)

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