Heian Maru Class, Japanese Submarine Tenders

Photograph of Heian Maru prior to militarization

Wikimedia Commons


Tonnage 11,616 tons standard
Dimensions 511'9" by 66' by 30'
156m by 20.1m by 9.1m
Maximum speed       17 knots
Armament 4 5.9" guns
2 13mm/76 machine guns
2-shaft diesel (7600 shp)
1943: Armament updated to 2 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns, 2x2 25mm/60 AA guns and 2x2 13mm machine guns

The Heian Maru and Hie Maru were two of several similar ocean liners built for the Nippon Yusen line. They were commandeered by the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1941 and converted to submarine tenders. 

Units in the Pacific

Heian Maru      

Completed 1941-12-30 (Kobe)      
Sunk by aircraft 1944-2-18 at Truk

Hie Maru

Completed 1942-4-25 (Yokosuka)     
Torpedoed 1943-11-17 385 miles (620 km) southwest of Truk by Drum

References (accessed 2011-12-29)

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