Hashimoto Shintaro (1892-1945)

Hashimoto Shintaro graduated from the Japanese Naval Academy in 1913 and from the Naval Staff College in 1924. He became a recognized torpedo and destroyer specialist. He was a rear admiral in command of Destroyer Squadron 3, Ozawa's destroyer force in the Malaya campaign, and commanded a destroyer force in several "Tokyo Express" runs in the Solomons. He was present at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.

Hashimoto was promoted to vice admiral in 1944 and was in command of Cruiser Division 5 in the battle of Leyte Gulf, where his flagship, Myoko, was crippled, forcing him to transfer to Haguro, which was subsequently damaged by shellfire. Forced to retreat to Singapore, the Haguro was caught by British destroyers off Penang and sunk in one of the last surface actions of the war, in May 1945. Hashimoto died on the bridge of his flagship.

Service record

1892-5-11   born
1914-8-11   Chikuma
1914-12-1 Sublieutenant     
Staff, 1 Southern Detachment
1915-2-1   Chikuma
1915-8-16   Yahagi
1916-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
Gunnery School Basic Course
1917-6-1   Torpedo School Basic Course
1917-12-1   Kamikaze
1919-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1920-12-1   Commander, torpedo boat
1921-6-8   Kaede
1922-3-1   Executive officer, Hasu
1922-9-20   Chief torpedo officer, Okikaze
1923-12-1   Commander, Yudachi
1924-12-1   Naval college A-course
1925-12-1 Lieutenant Commander
1926-12-1   Commander, Nashi
1927-12-1   Staff, 2 Naval District
1930-12-1 Commander  
1931-11-14   Staff, Bureau of Education
1933-11-15   3 Naval District
1934-1-31   Commander, Torpedo Division 21
1934-11-15   Commander, Destroyer Division 5
1935-11-15 Captain Commander, Destroyer Division 20
1936-12-1   Commander, Destroyer Division 7
1937-12-1   Chief of staff, Ryojun Guard District
1939-11-15   Commander, Chikuma
1940-11-1   Commander, Hyuga
1941-9-1   Commander, Destroyer Squadron 3
1941-10-15 Rear Admiral
1943-2-12   1 Naval District
1943-3-15   Commandant, Torpedo School
1943-11-25   Commander, Cruiser Division 5
1944-10-15 Vice admiral
1945-5-16   Killed in action


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Materials of IJN (accessed 2007-11-2)

Morison (1949)

Prados (1995)

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