Harris Class, U.S. Attack Transports

Photograph of USS Leonard Wood, a Harris-class transport

US Navy photo # 6206 US Naval Air Station, San Pedro. Via

Schematic diagram of Harris class attack transport

ONI 222


Tonnage 13,529 tons light
21,900 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 535' by 72' by 30'6"
163.1m by 21.9m by 9.3m
Maximum speed       17.5 knots
Complement 628
Armament 1 5"/51 gun
4 3"/50 AA guns
4 0.50 machine guns
2-shaft Bethlehem Curtis-type turbines (12,000 shp)
8 Yarrow boilers
4530 tons
Passengers 1683
Cargo 2200 tons
190,000 cubic feet (5380 cubic meters)
1943: 5"/50 gun replaced with 2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns, 10 20mm Oerlikon AA guns. Squadron flagship facilities added to Harris and Zeilin.
By 1945, light antiaircraft had been increased  to 1x4, 2x2 40mm guns and 20 20mm guns.

The Harrises were large passenger liners taken over by the U.S. Navy for conversion to troop transports. They were relatively fast and spacious ships and performed well in their new role. Each carried 4 LCM, 18 LCVP, 2 LCPL, and 1 LCPR to bring the troops ashore, and had six 30-ton, six 10-ton, and two 7.5-ton booms.

Units in the Pacific:

Harris Seattle
Completed 1942-1-3 (Seattle)
J. Franklin Bell     
Completed 1942-4-2 (San Francisco)
Leonard Wood       Arrived 1943-9-2



Friedman (2002) (accessed 2012-8-24)

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