German 37mm SKC/30 Gun

Photograph of German 37mm naval antiaircraft gun Fair use may apply.


Bore diameter
Ammunition type     
Fixed HE tracer

Weight of round

1.649 lbs
0.784 kg


3281 feet per second
1000 meters per second
Maximum elevation     
90 degrees


9300 yards
8500 meters
22,300 feet
6800 meters
Rate of fire
30 rounds per minute

This weapon was used on U-boats and other smaller German warships. Though  having a good muzzle velocity, the weapon was only semiautomatic, yielding a rate of fire that was rather low for an antiaircraft weapon. As a result, it began to be replaced with the fully automatic Flak M42 from 1944 on, but it is questionable whether the U-boats deployed to the Far East from 1943 on ever received the upgrade. Single and dual mounts existed, but the usual U-boat outfit was a single gun with unlimited elevation and triaxial motion meant to compensate for ship roll. This proved problematic and was included in the Flak M42.


Campbell (1985) (accessed 2010-1-18)

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