Fresno (119.718W 36.776N) is the seat of Fresno County in the San Joaqin Valley of California. This is a rich agricultural area, in spite of annual rainfall of less than 10" and summer temperatures in the 80s, because of extensive irrigation. Cotton is the principal crop, though fruit is also produced, including the California raisin.

There was an airfield and important rail connections in 1941. Camp Pinedale (119.79W 36.84N) was established north of town for the internment of Japanese-Americans, and after these were moved further inland, the Air Force took over the camp as the Western Signal Aviation Unit Training Center. By the end of the war was the center was conducting almost all the signals training for the Air Force.

Rail connections


Big Creek




Craven  and Cate (1955; accessed 2014-12-13)

"The Pinedale History Project" (accessed 2014-12-13)

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