French 6"/55 M1930 Gun

Photograph of 6"/55 guns on Richelieu Fair use may apply.


152.4 mm
Ammunition type
AP shell with separate propellant.
HE shells were also supplied.

Projectile weight

119.4 lbs
54.17 kg


2854 feet per second
870 m/s

Maximum elevation     

75 degrees


28.952 yards
26,474 meters

Firing cycle

7-8 seconds

This gun was quite successful as a main armament for light cruisers. However, the dual-purpose version intended for use as a secondary armament on the Richelieus was far less successful, proving almost unworkable at an elevation greater than 45 degrees. Its rate of traverse was inadequate for the antiaircraft role and its dual feed system was prone to jamming. The original maximum elevation of 90 degrees was reduced to 75 degrees and several of the guns were replaced with 100mm antiaircraft guns.


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