Fort Rosecrans

Photograph of Fort Rosecrans ca. 1911 Fair use may apply.

Fort Rosecrans (117.244W 32.679N) was a coast defense battery at the entrance to San Diego Bay. It was first identified as a location for fortifications as early as 1852, but the first facilities were not begun until 1873 and not completed until 1900.

The fortress was manned by 19 Coastal Artillery Regiment, a Type A harbor defense unit. Batteries were located at Fort Rosecrans, Battery Cortez (Coronado), Coronado Beach (Imperial Beach), and other locations. the most modern battery was a pair of 8" (203mm) guns completed in 1941, and there were also two 7" (178 cm) and three 5" (127mm) gunsof fairly recent vintage. These were supplemented by a large number of obsolescent guns and mortars, all of which were dismantled by the end of 1943. By then the modern battery included an additional pair of 16" (406mm) guns and six 6" (152mm) guns.

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