FK-51, Dutch Trainer Aircraft

Photograph of FK-51 trainer aircraft Fair use may apply.


Crew 2
Dimensions       25'9" by 29'6" by 9'4"
7.85m by 8.99m by 2.84m
Wing Area 291 square feet
27.0 square meters
Weight 2160-3200 lbs
980-1451 kg
Engine One 350 hp (261 kW) Armstrong Siddely Cheetah IX radial engine
Speed 175 mph
282 km/h
Ceiling 21,300 feet
6490 meters
Range 590 miles at 157 mph
950 km at 253 km/h
Armament One flexible 0.303 machine gun in the rear cockpit.

The Koolhoven FK-51 was a Dutch biplane trainer aircraft that was also used in the light reconnaissance role. Three squadrons (about 36 aircraft) were in the Netherlands East Indies at the outbreak of the Pacific war, where they were slaughtered by Zeros. In his autobiography, Japanese ace Sakai Saburo describes an encounter with an FK-51 which, in spite of the FK-51's maneuverability and the obvious skill of the pilot, could only end one way.


Sakai (1957) (accessed 15 July 2006)

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