Dolphin, U.S. Submarine

Photograph of Dolphin-class submarine

Naval Historical Center #NH 54542


Tonnage 1560 tons standard
2240 tons submerged
Dimensions 319'1" by 27'8" by 13'
97.26m by 8.43m by 3.96m
Maximum speed       17 knots surfaced
To 250 feet
To 76 meters
Complement 77
Armament 4 21" bow/2 21" stern torpedo tubes (18 torpedoes)
1 4"/50 gun
2-shaft diesel (3500 bhp) or electric (1750 bhp)
Bunkerage 320 tons diesel oil
Range 4900 nautical miles (9100km) at 10 knots

The Dolphin was completed in 1932 as the seventh boat of the V program and was rather smaller than preceding U.S. submarines. She suffered from many of the same faults as the Cachalot class, but she did have some innovative features in the hull design, including as placing the fuel tanks, which required less maintenance due to the protective effects of the diesel oil, at the ends of the boat. She also had improved M.A.N. engines, with which the Bureau of Engineering was growing in confidence.

Dolphin was present in Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, but made only three war patrols before being assigned to training duty in 1943 and for the remainder of the war.


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