Destroyer Base San Diego

Digital relief map of San Diego

Photograph of Destroyer Base San Diego in the late 1920s

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 42539

Destroyer Base San Diego Bay (117.123W 32.679N) was established in 1922 on the 98-acre site of a former World War I emergency shipbuilding yard. The base included training schools and moorings for a large number of mothballed destroyers. Nearly closed in the early 1930s, the base was saved with New Deal public works funding and had already begun to expand when war broke out in the Pacific. In 1943 it was renamed Repair Base San Diego to reflect its expanded role in the Navy, which included administration of the Navy's force of floating dry docks.

Many of the dry docks, as well as concrete barges used as floating warehouses, were constructed at the nearby basins of Concrete Ship Construction, a Maritime Commission contractor.

Rail connections

San Diego

Ream Field

References (accessed 2011-4-11)

Lane (1951)

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