D Class, British Destroyers

Photograph of HMS Defender



Tonnage 1375 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 329' by 33' by 12'6"
100.28m by 10.06m by 3.78m
Maximum speed       36 knots
Complement 145
Armament 4x1 4.7"/45 guns
1 3"/45 dual-purpose gun
2x1 2pdr guns
2x4 21" (53cm) torpedo tubes
50 depth charges
2 depth charge throwers
1 depth charge track
2-shaft geared turbine (36,000 shp)
3 Admiralty 3-drum boilers
Bunkerage 473 tons fuel oil
Range 5870 nautical miles (10,870 km) at 15 knots
Type 121 sonar
Type 271 radar
Type 286 radar

The Defender or "D" class of destroyers were completed in 1932-1933. They were very similar to the preceding Crescent class, which were all transferred to Canada before the war and saw no service in the Pacific. 

Units in the Pacific:


Arrived 1942-2     
Withdrawn 1943-4-12


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