Photograph of Cordova in 1914

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 105467

Cordova (145.76W 60.55N), located on the south coast of Alaska just east of Prince William Sound, was a small port and coaling station by 1914. Seaplane squadrons occasionally operated out of the port in the late 1930s, and a Navy section base was established on 24 July 1941. An airfield was completed here as part of the air bridge from Puget Sound to Cold Bay just as war broke out.

Reliance was stationed here in late 1941, and there was a single coastal gun. No further significant development took place prior to October 1942, when the base was taken over by the Coast Guard.


"Building the Navy's Bases in World War II." (1947; accessed 2011-11-5)


Morison (1949)

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