Map of Chihkiang campaign

U.S. Army. Via

Chihkiang (Chijiang; 109.68E 27.45N), also sometimes rendered Chihchiang by the Americans, was the location of an airfield in the mountainous region between Changsha and Chungking

The airfield became a major 14 Air Force base, and it was the objective of a Japanese offensive led by Okamura Yasutsuga in April 1945. Some 60,000 Japanese troops were committed to the offensive, but were successfully driven back by the 100,000 Chinese defenders led by Ho Ying-ch'in with the advice of Robert B. McClure. Japanese casualties were 1500 dead and 5000 wounded against Chinese casualties of at least 6800 killed and 11,200 wounded.

Road connections




CMH Pub 72-39 (accessed 2013-7-27)

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