Relief map of western Canada

Canada was a self-ruling dominion within the British Empire in 1941.  Because Canadian troops were posted to Hong Kong just before war broke out in the Pacific, Canada followed Britain into war with Japan, but its contribution to the Pacific War was modest.  Canadian troops were part of the Special Service Force and participated in the Kiska invasion, and Royal Canadian Air Force planes operated off Alaska; but most other Canadian forces were committed to the European theater, where they made a contribution to defeating Germany wholly out of proportion to the modest Canadian population of just 11 million persons.

Canadian troops in Alaska fell under the Pacific Command (Major General George Randolph Pearkes).

Canada was more important to the Pacific War for its economic contributions:  The United States got practically all its nickel from the Sudbury Mine in Ontario, Canada, which produced nearly 100,000 tons a year.


Garfield (1965)

Roberts (2011)

Van Royen and Bowles (1952)

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